Owner FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions

  • Why work with a NARPM property manager?

    NARPM® property managers have heightened expertise and industry knowledge to assist them in doing the best possible job. They are real estate professionals who know first-hand the unique challenges of managing rental property in today’s constantly changing economic and legislative environment. And they know how to manage those challenges to everyone’s benefit. They can maximize rents and income for you; and they will manage the property efficiently, professionally and economically.

    A NARPM® member stands apart from other property managers and landlords. Unlike many of them, NARPM® members:

    • Have access to numerous educational opportunities.
    • Adhere to the highest Standards of Professionalism and Code of Ethics.
    • Know the landlord/tenant laws for your city, state and federal governments.
    • Know rent values and vacancy factors.
    • Have rental applications and consistent screening policies to meet legal obligations.
    • Perform thorough move-in and move-out property evaluations.
    • Are personally familiar with reputable painters, electricians, roofers, chimney cleaners, carpenters, landscapers, furnace and appliance repairmen, and other maintenance professionals.
    • Are able to effectively negotiate with tenants, handle difficult issues and enforce the terms of the rental agreement.
    • Have the ability to recover NSF checks, evict tenants and collect bad debts.

    Your rental property is a very valuable asset. Entrust it to someone that can help you maximize its return on investment and minimize your headaches!

  • How do I know if I'm getting a good tenant?

    There are four pieces of information that we gather in order to create a profile of all applicants for your property. These include written verification of employment, verbal landlord references if they are currently renting, credit reports with an analysis of their financial situation, and a criminal background check. Our recommendation to accept or not accept an applicant is based on this data.
  • What happens if the tenant doesn't pay the rent?

    We follow a strict procedure which includes legal notice of contract breach, personal contact with the tenant in an effort to work things out and ultimately a court hearing, judgment and eviction if necessary. We take all steps possible to resolve any rent payment issues without legal action. If it becomes clear that the tenant is unable or unwilling to pay any more rent, you will be notified to discuss options for removing them from your property.
  • When will I receive disbursement check?

    Rents are due in our office on the first of each month. Our leases specify that if rent is not received by the fifth of the month, a late fee is assessed. In order to avoid violating trust accounting laws, we need to wait until rent checks clear before we can send payment to you.

    Owner disbursement checks are mailed or deposited the first business day after the 10th of the month. We then provide you with detailed monthly statements showing all the income and expenses for the month along with payment of any excess funds.
  • Who collects the rent?

    Kalles Property Management collects all rental payments from tenants, and then uses these funds to manage the monthly operations of your property. Any residual income remaining is dispersed to your account.
  • What happens to the tenant's security deposit?

    All security deposits are placed in a separate escrow account where they remain until the tenant moves out. Deposits minus any damage noted are refunded within 14 days of the end of the tenancy as required by Washington State Landlord Tenant Law.
  • Who pays the recurring monthly bills?

    Kalles Property Management makes any or all recurring payments for you such as your HOA fee, lawn maintenance contract, pest control contract, etc. During a vacancy we will pay utility bills.
  • Am I informed of all repairs you make on my property?

    Our standard management agreement includes emergency service consent as well as authorization of non-emergency repairs up to $500 dollars. For non-emergency repairs estimated to exceed this threshold, no work is initiated without your express approval.
  • How do I know the repair people will do quality work?

    Utilizing the services of our internal maintenance division we can control a higher quality of workmanship then management companies that hire out maintenance work. For specialized work, we will utilize third party vendors and require the highest level of professionalism and quality from them.
  • What happens if there is an emergency?

    All tenants go through orientation in our office before they are handed the keys to your home. We review the contents of our Tenant Handbook with them with particular attention devoted to the section regarding emergencies. Tenants are encouraged to take a proactive approach not only to emergencies but to routine maintenance items as well. Tenants are provided with our 24-hour emergency number in the event there is a problem that can't wait until the next business day.
  • How often will my home be inspected?

    At the beginning of each new tenancy, a move-in inspection is completed which provides Kalles Property Management and tenants with a detailed summary of the condition of your home. Ninety days after a new tenant is secured we do an internal inspection of your property. Throughout the tenancy our team will conduct general exterior and interior inspections. At the end of every calendar year for a nominal fee Kalles Property Management will provide you an official property inspection report, which provides you a detailed assessment of the property and any required or preventative maintenance items.
  • I want to sell my property; can you list it for me?

    Kalles Property Management primary focus is managing investment property. In the event you have made the decision to sell, we have strategic partnerships with local real estate agents and will refer one to you. Please email, fax or call us for further information.