Property Management in Puyallup, Tacoma, Sumner, Graham, Orting, and Pierce County

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Kalles Properties is a property management company located in Puyallup and Tacoma, Washington.

Our Mission: “To be the leader in the property management industry through delivery of innovative management solutions that provides our customers superior property protection and profit maximization.”

As a member of a family of property management companies, which includes Compass Property Management, Kalles Properties is able to provide premium services that can be tailored to our clients diverse needs. This personal service allows us to build upon our company values, and provide higher quality service to all of our clients. The core values of our organization are:

  • Performance Driven: We believe in high-performance that breeds ambitious goals that are passionately pursued.
  • Market Dominance: We focus on developing premier products and services that deliver great customer service. This strength translates into a commanding position in all markets we enter.
  • Team Commitment: We are dedicated to the performance of the team and a respect for the individuals that shape our teams.
  • Innovation Excellence: We relentlessly focus on solutions to reshape our business and the marketplace.
  • Citizenship Lived: We operate with the highest integrity and respect for all customers, employees, groups and individuals that interact with our businesses.

The combination of these two well known and successful companies provides un-matched service to all of our clients. The combined operations of Compass Property Management and Kalles Properties have provided professional property management services and leasing services for the greater Pierce County area for over 15 years.

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We always want to hear your opinion!

Our management company strives to exceed the expectations of our clients. If you feel like our company or any of our team members have not exceeded your expectations, we want to hear from you.  Additionally, if one of our team members has exceeded your expectations, we would love to hear about that too.   You can email the entire management team directly at .  Thank you in advance for taking the time to help us improve the management services we provide all of our clients.